Cambridge Farms

About Us

Cambridge Farms is an established and prominent player in the onion export industry. With humble beginnings in 2002, the Company has evolved into a global exporter of the highest quality brown onions.

Cambridge Farms supplies onions from both NZ and The Netherlands. The Company works with well renowned growers and packers in both countries to ensure that only the best quality onions are shipped to customers. The Company’s South Pacific operations are out of Christchurch, New Zealand where the freshest onions are sourced from both the North and South Islands. European onions are sourced from The Netherlands which is the world’s biggest onion producer. This strategic positioning in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, together with reliable transportation across its primary export markets in South East Asia and Africa, assures a continuous supply of high quality onions throughout the year. Cambridge Farms’ commitment to customer service with guarantee of best available quality onions on demand makes it a leader in its field.

Cambridge Farms typically exports onions into the following markets; Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka. Working with both New Zealand and Dutch growers, the Company offers a range of size and specifications with packing sizes varying from 8kg to 25kg depending on customer requirement.


Naresh Pillay

Managing Director

Originally from the Fiji Islands, Naresh hails from a family with roots deeply entrenched in its local farming community.

Naresh relocated to New Zealand where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Information Systems) from Auckland University in 1995.

He began his professional career with a prominent global exporter based in Christchurch. Over seven years Naresh gained valuable experience in the New Zealand fresh produce market and also travelled extensively to the various export markets all over the world.

In 2002 Naresh ventured out on his own and founded Origin International Ltd specialising in export of high quality onions primarily to South East Asia. He expanded the onion business to Europe in 2005 starting up Holland Cambridge Farms B.V. in the Netherlands.

Together with passion for onions and personal relationship with customers and suppliers, Naresh combines his commerce qualification and global experience to deliver the highest level of commitment and freshest produce.